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Estate Planning and Wealth Succession  

Most people don't realize how much money will be paid to the government in the form of taxes upon the death of an individual. If you haven't planned for your estate, you may be missing the boat. 

To insure that your heirs receive their inheritance, an estate plan is a necessity. Whatever your wealth succession goals are, I can help and am here to represent your interests. 

I can assist you in developing an estate plan and act as your representative to your lawyer, your insurance agent and family.

Don't know if you have an estate plan that is complete? Review the checklist below and then call me and let's talk about it.

Estate Planning Checklist

  • I have a will and it has been updated in the last five years.

  • My will reflects the most current state and federal tax laws. 

  • My will reflects changes in births, adoptions or deaths.

  • My will reflects changes in employment or marital status.

  • I have appointed a durable power of attorney to another individual.

  • I know my current net worth.

  • I have planned for distributing my assets to my heirs and charities.

  • If you can't say yes to all of the above, then your estate plan is incomplete. I invite you to meet with me in the near future to discuss your estate.

Tax Planning Services include:

  • helping individuals arrange their financial affairs

  • assisting clients in identifying financial objectives and give advice on strategies for retirement, tax and estate planning, and budgeting

  • helping individuals identify financially sound options to achieve goals such as buying a home, paying for a college education, or paying off consumer debt.

  • estate tax planning

  • charitable gift planning

  • succession planning